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Living Limitless with Pauline Raphaela

Back in 1997, I went to bed with what felt like flu symptoms, only to not get out of bed for two and a half weeks. Then one morning I woke up feeling great, only to find myself in the same situation two weeks later. This went on for two years. I went to every possible doctor I could find who said that they could help me with my situation. Nothing that they did made a difference in my health situation. I found an alternative healer who helped me get back onto my feet again. But that wasn’t the root of my problems. My problems were deeper than the Chronic Fatigue I was diagnosed with. My physical, mental, and emotional issues were actually rooted in my dysfunctional upbringing and past life issues I brought with me into this current lifetime. It wasn’t until I started on my spiritual path that I began to heal. My healing went deep, and wellness slowly came back to me. There are so many stories like mine where people found relief and healing with alternative methods.

This week’s guest on Guided Spirit Conversations is one of the many who went from ill and depleted to healed and vibrant. Pauline Raphaela had her first encounter with an Energy Healer who miraculously healed her health conditions. She found that the mind, body, and soul connection was too strong to ignore, and began her spiritual journey learning to be a Master Energy Healer and Doctor of Metaphysical Healing. Pauline is a pioneer in metaphysics and has been in private practice since 1999. In addition to being a Dr. of Metaphysical Healing and Master Energy Healer, she is an herbalist and Thought Field Specialist.

Pauline Raphaela has been divinely guided to serve as a healer, counselor, and teacher. She has helped many clients, from children to adults, take control of their lives by learning to love, heal and empower themselves. She understands that, for transformation, one’s primary human relationship must be with one’s self. Through her own transformation, Pauline became a vessel for miraculous healings and continues to facilitate healing in private practice for 23 years. In her new book, The Little Blue Room; Awakening the Soul to love, joy, freedom and power, she describes her journey of healing and awakening through crisis, illness, revelation and surrender as God guided her to true life purpose.

Pauline’s life work is to assist in the evolution of humanity, with the help of many benevolent galactic races, angels and Master Guides. Love of animals and nature inspires her to be part of the evolutionary process on Earth for the betterment of all living creatures. Now a pioneer of metaphysical healing integrating mind, body, and soul, she has a B.S. in Human Resource Management, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, a Master Energy Healer and Herbalist, and a Thought Field Therapist. Trained in Transcendental Meditation. She is a galactic channel and a Seer.

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Please listen now as Pauline and I talk about her newest book The Little Blue Room, her work, and her workshops and events. 

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What is your tip for living a happy and fulfilling life? Self love. This is the foundational relationship with God.  3 principles of healing : Love heals all wounds. Forgiveness heals all karma. Compassion creates miracles.  All described in my book.

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