I’m Marla Goldberrg; Spiritual and Self-Love Ambassador.


We were put on this planet as perfect beings, just as we are.

  I want you to take solace in knowing that there is perfection in our imperfections.  We are not what the media says we should be, and are beautiful spiritual beings having an earthly experience.  In that earthly experience, know that you are bright and shiny as you are.

Throughout my life I had always held a different belief, and that belief was that if I was perfect than my life wouldn’t be so painful.  The more I strove for this false perception of perfection, the more painful my life became.  I had to endure obstacle after obstacle as I strived to obtain that persona of the “perfect person”.  Little did I know that all of my perfections were held in my perception of all of my imperfections.


By working to heal my wounds, learning to accept and love myself, I became able to help more and more people.  Today my “fire of desire” is to help as many as I can to release repressed emotions, learn to forgive, learn to accept themselves (warts, wrinkles and all) and ultimately discover self-love.

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I am able to offer my help through my many streams of connection; my one-one sessions, my classes, public speaking, teaching, through my writing and through my podcast, Guided Spirit Conversations.

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30 Meditation Challenge

30 ways in 30 days to a flowing meditation practice


What a great way to kick off the Spring season.  For the next 30 days I will guide you on 30 different meditations.  These meditations will help in many areas of your life such as your relationships, professional goals, opening of your heart, healing, and more.


This challenge is the perfect way to begin your meditation practice, or deepen the practice you already have.

Marla is trained in over 20 techniques and uses these to aide her commitment helping people lead a healthy, happy, harmonious and joyful life. She is also and author of two books.  

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Guided Spirit Conversations
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Marla Goldberrg incorporates her nearly 20 years of metaphysical training, spiritual insights and charismatic personality into her interviews with the most preeminent Healers, Metaphysicians and Spiritual Leaders from across the globe.

Marla Goldberrg is trained in over 14 different healing techniques. She uses this knowledge to help her clients break through barriers that were preventing them from achieving their goals. Marla offers a free 15 minute consultation.

Along with Marla’s healing techniques, she has created a line of products to aide you in your day to day personal healing. Plus, she has two books: My F*cking Long Journey to Loving Myself and My Sacred Journal.

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I find Marla to be caring and supportive to those working on their issues.  I would highly recommend her as a resource and tool for overcoming obstacles and to gain personal growth.

Diane, CA

Kristin, NE

Marla has done some amazing work for me! The most powerful was clearing out the negative energy I'm my apartment. Before she cleared it I felt depressed and negative. After the clearing I felt light and positive! The bad energy was gone and I was able to relax!

Marla helped me out with a very, very difficult life transition. As I progress through these life changes, I know Marla's process certainly helped and will continue to help me! Thanks Marla!

Bonnie, IL

Marla and I met on zoom for her to do a reading for me. She gave me great insight into my life and my future. She told me to reach out to my Uncle because he is one of my earth angels. Within a month he got sick and needed our support. Marla is a great intuitive and I was pleasantly surprised by what she predicted for my future.

Mary, NY

Thank you Marla for helping me in my healing process. A great deal of stress has melted away from my consciousness. Your healing work is powerful and life-changing. I would highly recommend Marla to anyone on the path of self-awareness. I have no doubts that I will be contacting you for more guidance!

Sarah, IL

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