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Spiritual Response Therapy - SRT

What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

Spiritual Response Therapy is a precise procedure, where through its process, soul records which are held in the subconscious mind, are researched to discover hidden blocks and programming. Once released, clients are brought to a place of happiness, renewed health, spiritual growth, and a flow to their lives.

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The Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Process

Marla works with a book of 32 charts as well as a pendulum for guidance. By using the main chart and her pendulum to direct Marla, she is able to find where the negative blocks, programs, interferences, imprints and implants are being held. Once the discordant energies have been cleared, the subconscious is then reprogrammed with positive messages and intent. Because you are participating during the sessions, you will learn more about yourself and how to bring about more change into your life.

The Benefits of Having a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Clearing.

A Spiritual Response Therapy clearing literally removes the negative energy patterns from your subconscious and soul records from your past and present life. The great thing about Spiritual Response Therapy, SRT, is once you have cleared the programming from your past life, it clears that program thread in your current life. When a program is removed from your present life it also clears the thread from your past lives where these programs are rooted in. The bonus of Spiritual Response Therapy is the program thread which is now cleared from your past or current life, will clear the programs from affecting you in your future incarnations as well.


Spiritual Response Therapy is not limited to clearing past lives. SRT also works on clearing up the negative energies and emotions that are accumulated in your day-to-day activities and exchanges, your business/career, and your relationships.


Planning for Spiritual Response Therapy Sessions

Marla conducts her Spiritual Response Therapy, SRT, sessions remotely, so that you, the client can receive in a place where you are comfortable and relaxed. 


The number of sessions suggested is based on the client’s needs, goals and objectives. Each person has their own journey and no two journeys are alike, so no two clearings are alike.


Marla has witnessed many miracles by this Spiritual Response Therapy technique and can’t wait until you can witness your miracles as well.

Rates for Spiritual Response Therapy

60 Minutes: $250

Package Deal - 5- 60 Minute Sessions: $1,000 *Package expires after 6 months*

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