Spiritual Response Therapy - SRT

What is SRT?

SRT is a precise procedure, where through it’s process, soul records which are held in the subconscious mind, are researched to discover hidden blocks and programming. Once released, clients are brought to a place of happiness, renewed health and spiritual growth.

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The SRT Process

Marla works with a book of 32 charts as well as a pendulum for guidance. The pendulum helps to direct her to where negative blocks and programs are being held. These blockages are identified, researched and cleared. Once the discordant energies are cleared, the subconscious is then reprogrammed with positive messages and intent. Because you are participating during the session, you will learn more about yourself and how to bring about change in your life.

The Benefits of Having an SRT Clearing.

An SRT clearing literally erases the negative energy pattern from your subconscious and soul records from your past and present life. The great thing about SRT, is once you have cleared the programming from the past life, it clears that program thread in your current life. The bonus of SRT is the program thread is now cleared from your future incarnations as well.

SRT is not limited to clearing past lives. SRT also works on clearing up the negative energies and emotions that are accumulated in your day to day activities and exchanges.


Planning for SRT Sessions

Marla conducts clearings for homes, offices or any space that my clients need to be the most relaxed and productive in.

The number of sessions suggested is based on the clients needs and objectives. Like a fingerprint each person has their own unique blocks and programming that they need to cleared.


60 Minutes: $250

Package Deal - 5 60 Minute Sessions: $1,000 *Package expires after 6 months*

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