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Space Clearing with Marla Goldberrg
Wooden Furnitures

Reason for Space Clearing Services

Energy is everywhere and absorbs into everything. Like a stone dropping into a still pond, energy ripples out into everything. It becomes recorded into the walls, floors, ceiling, furniture, as well as every object in the space. It gets imprinted into the very essences of the structure. Repetitive actions and behaviors deepen the imprint.

Removing Negative Energy in Businesses & Living Spaces

The people that Marla works with want to live and work in an environment that is tranquil and promotes productivity. They don’t want anything negative to hamper their thoughts and actions. Negative energy can be generated from a previous owner, a construction crew, an argument or even a divorce. Even the objects in a room can bring in unwanted energy associated with their previous owners.

Have you ever brought an antique into your home and felt the vibration of your home shift? That’s because you brought home all of the imprints that piece of furniture carried with it. Have you ever walked into a room after an argument and could still feel the tension in the room? Another example of how the energy can be physically tangible. Space clearing removes these negative patterns from your environment.

A Space Clearing Session

Space clearing is a profound and highly effective technique to clear past energies from a home, an office or any space that have been occupied and gives it a fresh start. It is a process in which:

  • Negative thoughts, emotions and repetitive stress from current or previous occupants is located and removed.

  • Disturbed energy from the land a house or business is built on is restored

  • Remnants of extreme emotion, including anger and fear, are balanced and removed.

Modern Houses

During a space clearing, Marla moves through rooms and hallways with a dowsing rod that guides me to negative energy patterns which Marla then removes through her clearing. Depending on the space, the number of disturbances and the number of occupants a session can take a minimum of 2 hours.

Clients find after their space has been cleared they have clearer thought processes, more vitality, sleep better and are more productive. Some clients have their space cleared seasonally and some schedule a session much like they would a spring cleaning.



60 Minutes: $150

2 hour minimum

*Refer a friend and receive 10% off your next space clearing

*Book a future appointment and receive 10% off.  All future appointments must have a 50% down payment

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