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My F*ng Long Journey To Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path is an account of the transformational journey of author Marla Goldberg. Goldberg shares her story along with a guide to some of the most powerful Tips, Tools and Techniques (TTT’s) she learned and incorporated in her life along the way.It’s her story of the dysfunction, neglect and abandonment that she encountered through growing up. Due to the lack of guidance and structure Marla shares the many decisions that she made that didn’t serve her well, until she hit rock bottom. That “thud” of hitting the bottom brought her to her knees. It was during this very dark time that she pleaded with Spirit for help and Spirit showed up.Her help came in the form of a women’s conference. It was at this conference where she crossed paths with the person who would start her on her spiritual journey, teaching Marla how to heal others and myself, which transformed her life as embraced forgiveness, self-acceptance and ultimately self-love.Through this journey of Marla’s, she shares the TTT’s that, if she knew earlier in her life, would have used them to work through her many and very challenged time, and where she uses them today as she continues navigating her life.These TTT’s taught Marla how to release anger, stress and frustration, leading Marla to learn how to forgive; others as well as herself, and ultimately finding total acceptance and self-love, as she like to say, warts, wrinkles and all.

PDF Digital - My F*ng Long Journey To Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path

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