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The good news is many women before you have trailblazed and paved the path for you. They have traveled rough and winding roads, braved many ups and downs, and they are happy to share their journeys and experiences with you, so you can tap into your heart, feel your soul come alive, and move consciously through each moment with grace and love, and with spirit guiding you. 


This collaborative book is filled with courageous stories and inspiring lessons. Each of the authors has made a shift that changed her life. It may have happened over many years and with many tiny shifts or it may have come with a huge A-ha and one big change. Either way, the profundity of the change has brought about a welcome new awareness and way of being for them. You can have this too.


These stories explore many emotions, life experiences, and transformations. As you read you will see yourself in these words, and you may even find the desire, motivation, and spirit to make shifts in your thinking and move you to actions that will guide you to living from your Heart & Soul.


Explore these valuable lessons & feel your heart shift:


- Forgiveness is a path to joy, contentment, and peace 

- Consciously awaken your creativity within

- Call on your angels and guides who are always with you - Loss, abuse, and tragedy can be healed, and you can thrive

- Recognize the teachers and lessons in your midst

- Living authentically will align you with your soul s calling

- Your faith will lift you up and become a beacon for others

- Release fear and darkness to allow your bright future

- Love is the great elixir; open your heart and let it in

Heart and Soul

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