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Why Each One Of Us Is The Medicine Of Spiritual Revolution with Tracey Ash

My first recollection of being told I have had past lives in Egypt as a Pharaoh and Imhotep happened a few short years ago. I was told that as a Pharaoh I would go to a secret library that was housed under the Pyramids to study metaphysics. I was fascinated. It certainly explained my strong desire to go to Egypt and explore my old stomping grounds.

This week on Guided Spirit Conversations my guest is Tracey Ash. Ash is a mystic, healer, timekeeper, and gatekeeper. She lives in the Temple of Medinet Habu. Ash has dedicated her life to bridging the gap between ancient knowledge and modern understanding. With her extensive experience in curating international pilgrimages and educational events, Tracey explores the realms of human origins, genius, time, prophecy, and mysticism.

Please join Tracey and me as we delve into her journey and how it led her to live in Egypt and create the retreats and pilgrimages she has been executing since 1999. In this podcast, Tracey shares her insights on soul initiation, a transformative tool that connects you with the essence of your being.

Through riveting conversations, she explores the significance of healing, the evolution of consciousness, and the importance of understanding our connection with the spiritual realm. Discover the fascinating stories of ancient Egypt as Tracey unfolds the secrets of inter-dimensional gateways, benevolent gods, and star races that shape our human story. Join her as she discusses her experiences at the United Nations, her work with influential leaders, and her dedication to healing trauma to connect with the spirit and intelligent universal life.

Prepare to be inspired and enlightened as Tracey Ash guides you through a captivating exploration of the soul, metaphysics, and the profound mysteries of existence. Whether you're seeking spiritual awakening, healing, or a deeper understanding of your purpose, this podcast is your gateway to a higher consciousness. 

To learn more about Tracey Ash and her transformative work, visit her website at Explore her Soul School, Psychic School, Sessions, and Egypt Tours and Retreats to embark on your own soul journey. Join us in this transformative conversation and embrace the spiritual revolution within.

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