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Unleashing the Power of Self-Love: Fulfilling All of Life's Heartfelt Desires with Dee Wallace

Updated: Jan 15

Have you ever taken a moment to contemplate the complicated tapestry of your life?

Have you pondered your familial roots, the nurturing environment that shaped you, the profound teachings that have guided your journey, and the extent to which you were cherished or perhaps overlooked?

You’ve brought all those beliefs and lessons into your life and they have affected how you experienced your life. I have been reflecting on all of that for the majority of my life. The exception for me is that even though I thought about these aspects and more about my life, it wasn’t until twenty years ago before I began to actually do the serious work I needed to do to begin to not only heal my wounds but to remove the blocks that were damming up my life. I’m still doing that serious work.

Why is it taking so long? It takes as long as it takes based on what we agree to before we’re incarnated, and based on the karma we bring into our new lives and create in our current experiences as a human. My next guest on Guided Spirit Conversations is Dee Wallace. You may have heard of Dee. Dee is not only a Healer and Self-Love Expert, but she is also a successful actress who has had some incredible roles. She was the mother in the movie ET as well as Donna Trenton in the movie Cujo. If you’re too young to have seen these movies, these were huge hits and are still being watched today. Dee has over 300 acting credits to her name.

In addition, Dee has a podcast Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace which airs on Sundays at 9 am pst. She has authored 7 books and offers private healing and coaching sessions. We will be talking about her journey from actress to healer and what the catalyst was for her that put her on this path. We will talk about our mutual passion for the importance of self-love and how it can help you reshape the trajectory of your life. I’m confident that we will also talk about her various books and how they came to be.

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DEE WALLACE is an internationally known actress, best known for her role as the mother in Steven Spielberg’s E.T.! She has appeared on every major network and talk show, including Oprah and The Today Show. Ms. Wallace earned her teaching credentials from The University of Kansas, the principles she found empowering for children. Her work is based on the principles of accepting responsibility, and loving ourselves early in life to create the life we desire.

Dee is a strong advocate for accepting our own magnificence and power in a positive, loving way. A child’s personality is set between 0-8 years of age which has a direct impact on the creation of their life. Dee’s important message to the world is: Love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make you love yourself more.

Dee has authored five books on the subject of self-creation: Conscious Creation, The Big E!, Bright Light, Getting Stuff and Wake Up Now! She conducts a live (call-in) internet radio show each Sunday morning at 9 AM Pacific, and offers monthly webinars on a variety of creation subjects. Dee conducts private sessions from her home in Woodland Hills, California via phone and in person.

As a much sought after speaker, Dee has spoken at numerous national and international venues including the Love and Harmony Forum in Japan, The Dillon Lecture Series, Unity Temple, The Kansas Film Commission, and asked to speak in China, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Australia, England and all across the United States and Canada.

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