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Transforming through Dreaming Big with Edvante Showers

Last October, Gary and I were in Asheville, NC celebrating my becoming Rev. and Dr. Marla Goldberrg, a gentleman sat down next to me. As Gary and I normally do, we started talking with him. What a fascinating person we thought, and that was before we learned about all he does. His name is Edvante Showers. When Gary shared about our celebration, Edvante started to open up about his philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors. He talked about his ministry. He spoke about his other outreach endeavors to help those down on their luck or who are stuck and didn’t know where to turn.

Though this was a little outside those I normally ask to be on Guided Spirit Conversations podcast, Edvante’s passion for raising those up is definitely in the realm of the intent of the show. Edvante has a unique story of a challenging childhood, who had a choice. His choice was to follow the natural path laid before him or to rise up and follow the guidance within him. Edvante followed his gut and went against the current life he was living to create a life of service and support for so many across the globe. Today, Edvante is a life coach who helps his clients realize that they can dream big because anything is possible, which is a philosophy that I too believe and live by.

Please join me as Edvante Showers and I talk about his path; how he got on it, and what he believes was the catalyst to lift him from his own struggles to grow into the loving, insightful, and eager to make-a-change individual.

One of the most prolific communicators of our day, Edvante Showers is on a mission to help as many people as possible become their best selves while doing their best work. As he likes to say, “DREAM BIG, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” Edvante is known for being a charismatic leader with the spiritual conviction, moral aptitude and old-fashioned wisdom that cultivates transformation for the next generation of leaders. Speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and author. Edvante specializes in helping others self-optimize without self-destructing. He acquired his passion to add value to the lives of others. Edvante serves on multiple community boards across Louisiana and his philanthropic endeavors has help thousands across the world. With over 10 years of leadership experience, Edvante understands that right information can cause a comprehensive revolution.

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