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THE TRANSFORMATIONAL TAROT with Endre Balogh and Ness Carroll

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

This week on Guided Spirit Conversation, Marla welcomes Endre Balogh and Ness Carroll. Listen today at 12pm ESt.

They are both known for their individual accomplishments as well as for their collaborative projects. Endre, is an internationally renowned virtuoso violinist as well as an award-winning photographer. Ness is known for originating the SYNERGENICS method Life Coaching and Life Coaching Training, for bringing into being THE INNERVERSE.

Together they have published the book “SYNERGEOMETRY”, a unique compilation of Sacred Geometry images and associated Meditations. They also just released THE TRANSFORMATIONAL TAROT and are currently working on a Meditation App. Based on SYNERGEOMETRY.

Join us to hear all the details about their current projects and what exactly is Synergeomery.

For more information about Ness and Endre:

Essential Sacred Geometry Images and Meditations

by Endre Balogh and Ness Carroll

A video about:

Transformational Tarot

Ness Carroll is a true Renaissance woman

She is committed to the transformation of all beings through the SYNERGENICS material and teaches through and the School of Universal Learning, (“SOUL”), known now as THE SOULAR SYSTEM ®

She has been involved in the Sufi work for many years and has served as a Sufi teacher through both the Chisti and Mevlevi orders in Australasia. She developed the form of Sufi chanting known as the Chants of Universal Peace, a form of multi-dimensional chanting bringing together songs of many faiths, philosophies and cultures throughout the ages. She and her partner also wrote the Australian and New Zealand sections of “Pilgrim’s Guide to Planet Earth”, a Spiritual Community Publication, through their travels.

Now, Ness and her husband, Richard, live in the community lifestyle and participated in local suburban farming in Santa Barbara, California and their home edible landscape was acknowledged as one of the most diverse growing environments at a residence in the Central Coast area.

Locally in Santa Barbara, California, also, she has often coordinated art exhibitions in the Upper Gallery at the Karpeles Museum and served on the original local IANDS Committee (International Association for Near Death Studies). She is also a third generation International Red Cross volunteer in her family.

Ness’s business, provides tools for well-being through “The Laughter Track”, “The I Love You Track” and “The Breath Track” CD’s.

She and Richard maintain a consultancy through where she offers accelerated personal growth and development coaching and Richard offers accelerated business growth and development and specializes in Start Ups.

Ness Carroll’s channeling work can be accessed directly through .

ENDRE BALOGH Violinist and Photographer

With an impressive list of international concert triumphs to his credit, violinist ENDRE BALOGH has performed as soloist with the Berlin Philharmonic, Rotterdam Philharmonic, Zürich Tonhalle Orchestra, Frankfurt Symphony, and Basel Symphony, and several other European ensembles. In the United States he has appeared with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the orchestras of Washington D.C., Seattle, Denver, Dallas, and Honolulu to name just a few. In the course of his career he has worked with such eminent conductors as Zubin Mehta, Edo de Waart, James de Priest, Lawrence Foster, Milton Katims, and Christoph von Dohnányi. Endre has had several concert tours of the United States, and Europe; which have included live televised recitals in Amsterdam and taped performances for the BBC. He is an accomplished Chamber Music performer and toured throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe with the Pacific Trio for over 30 years. He has also played with such luminaries as Vladimir Horowitz and Leonard Pennario as well as in the acclaimed series of 1993 chamber concerts: “André Watts and Friends.” Until his passing in 2010, Endre performed extensively with his friend and colleague, James Smith – Chairman of the Classical Guitar Department at USC. Over the years they amassed a unique body of repertoire consisting of original and arranged works for violin and guitar. Lately he has joined forces with other notable artists to perform chamber music concerts. He has also frequently collaborated with the renowned theatrical repertory company “A Noise Within” to write and perform incidental music for several of their productions, performing live as a costumed character on stage.

As a sort of self-therapy after the untimely passing of his precious son, Antal, he started channeling “Sacred Geometries”. Now, that collected body of work extends to several hundred artworks and his Sacred Geometries are acknowledged to be, by far, the most popular of that genre in the world. His work can be seen and purchased at

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