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The Adventures of a Seeker of Truth – a crystal skull and paranormal explorer with Joshua Shapiro

I welcome Joshua Shapiro, a crystal skull expert since 1983 to the podcast this week.

Joshua will tell us what are crystal skulls and how they help us. He is also going to talk about The Center for the Advancement of Humanity, What is Happening in our World Right Now, and How will World Peace Happen in the near future?

He is giving away free e-books to listeners. Make sure you listen to find out how to access them.

For more information about Joshua:

Joshua Shapiro has been involved with the crystal skulls since 1983 when he saw one made out of amethyst in northern California (“Ami”). He felt such a strong connection with this artifact that since that time he has devoted his life and resources to sharing the best information he can about these crystalline artifacts with other people all over the world and the future role they will play to help our planet see world peace. He has had an opportunity to privately visit a number of the well-known crystal skulls in the world including the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”, “ET”, the “British Museum Crystal Skull”, “Synergy” and “Ami” among others.

Since Katrina Head entered his life in the early spring of 2009, they have been working closely together. The Explorers offer various crystal skull presentations (lectures and workshops) to the public as well as a unique type of private consultation with their personal skulls that combines their individual spiritual and creative talents. In the picture shown here, we see Joshua holding the Brazilian carved crystal skull known as “Portal de Luz” (Portuguese for “Portal of Light”), who has traveled with him all over the world.

Joshua is the author of various books all of which are self-published dealing with the crystal skulls – some are printed books and some are e-books (including six he will be offering to our listeners for free). Additionally, Joshua has offered a number of other public talks throughout the world that discuss current information about UFOs, the Bible Code, and the Hollow Earth. He has traveled all over the world exploring all types of different world mysteries and has given hundreds of public talks on all of these subjects. Recently he has been exploring the existence of Tartaria, an advanced civilization that unbelievably existed about 200 years ago focused within what we know as Russia and also if we do not live on a globe or planet but a flat non-rotating Earth. He is currently working with extended family within 10 countries to set up a network of world centers known as The Centers for the Advancement of Humanity whereupon they have been sharing amazing interviews with amazing individuals on their Rumble Video Channel.

Joshua is offering to all the viewers of this podcast, six free e-books, dealing with various subjects including the Crystal Skulls, Do we Live in a Computer Simulation, Tartaria, Flat Earth, Messages from rJis (two spiritual experiences which show a peaceful future by 2037-2040) and High-Level Overview of What is Happening in our World (done in May, 2021) Email Joshua for his free ebooks.

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