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Step Beyond the Veil to See & Hear Angels With Michael André Ford and Marla Goldberrg

This week on Guided Spirit Conversations, I welcome Michael André Ford. He is an Angel Intuitive based in San Antonio, TX, who literally helps people meet, hear & see Angels, Guides, and other figures. We will discuss what can you experience with Angels and what to expect if you do let go long enough to meet them.

For more information about Michael:

Michael André Ford is an Angel Intuitive based in San Antonio, TX, who literally helps people meet, hear & see Angels, Guides and other figures, even passed over relatives and pets.

How? Michael removes the Veil. You get to chat with unconditional love figures directly and get any answers for any of your questions. All languages are spoken. Get hugs and much more.

Michael helps you connect to the Universe with no barriers and has been very fortunate with a camera. He has taken photos of Angels, which people get to use initially to speak with Angels. Later, a person can see full on Angels standing there, with or without wings.

Michael’s Amazon Author Profile

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TWITTER (see Angel quotes):

TikTok: @MichaelAndreFord


Chef Jose Andrés set up his World Central Kitchen on the Poland-Ukraine border to provide warm meals for the hungry.

Healing Tip: There’s a million forms of Healing and a million definitions and experiences. Everyone is a healer inside their heart. In one sense, Healing is just more love. If Love IS the fabric of the Universe, then one merely has to get out of the brain and into the heart for any healing to begin. Ask for healing like you would for a hug from Angels or your Answers. Trust that Angels exist. Your Answers and much more will come!

Michael's Mantra:

Smile more, think less.

Breathe more, think less.

Laugh more, think less.

Allow more, Love more.

Have fun!

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