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Signs, Synchronicity & Spirit Talk with Sheri Jewel

Do you believe in signs? What about synchronicities? The strange coincidences that seem to conspire to tell you something, teach us, or turn our lives around? This week’s guest on Guided Spirit Conversations podcast, Psychic Medium Sheri Jewel, and I will be talking about just that and more as we discuss; Signs, Synchronicities, and Spirit Talk. This conversation will be about how by paying attention and becoming aware of those little magical incidents that we all experience and how these are some of the ways that Spirit speaks and guides us throughout our lives. For more information on Sheri Jewel check out her website:

Sheri Jewel is a certified medium who has been practicing for many years. She has studied and refined her skills extensively with the direction of James Van Praagh, John Holland and other well versed leaders in the industry. Sheri has been a key note speaker demonstrating mediumship at The Lightworkers Conference and at The All Souls conference with Jenniffer Weigel.. Sheri regularly participates in mediumship events and demonstrations and is available also for private readings and group parties also.

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