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Power of Compassion With Marla

There is so much going on in our world that I wouldn’t be surprised to walk down the street to see everyone’s head spinning and spinning and spinning. There is so much dissension, anger, and the need to project your beliefs onto others, pushing them to see the issues from your point of view.

The problem with others’ need to be heavy-handed in getting their way to change other’s belief systems to what they believe is that they have left the ability to be compassionate, kind, and accepting of another’s way of believing. For example, the new reversal of Roe Vs Wade has brought out the same kind of shitstorm that occurred when individuals didn’t agree with others’ political affiliation.

Here’s the beauty of life as I see it: You want to believe in pro-life, believe in it, but don’t shove those beliefs down everybody you converse with. The same goes for pro-choice. There are a zillion reasons that people believe what they believe. Allow them to live their beliefs.

I believe in the “ I’ll do me and you do you” philosophy of life. I don’t condemn people for their feelings or their values and viewpoints.

That’s why on this week's Guided Spirit Conversations Podcast, I’ll be talking about the importance and need for compassion, kindness, and acceptance of others. Especially, those with viewpoints different from your own.

Kindness, compassion, and acceptance are all important qualities for living a spiritual life. We were not created to follow the dictates of another and in this week’s show, I’ll talk about that in further detail. Let’s come together to talk about the power and the need to allow each of us to be independent thinkers and follow our individual beliefs.

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