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New Year New Adventure in Creating It Your Way with Dr. Marla Goldberrg

Happy 2023! I don’t know about you, but each December, I start to access the year that’s ending. I look at all I did or didn’t do. I evaluate the level of success and accomplishments of the efforts. I put forth, and marinate on those ideas or efforts that didn’t bring to me the outcome I was looking for. I then begin to look at what I want to create and accomplish in the upcoming year. This is a tough one for me because I have so many ideas of things I want to add to my professional repertoire. It’s my being in all those creative juices where I tend to get overwhelmed. In today’s episode of Guided Spirit Conversations, I will be talking about the power of intention setting, keeping your goals list at a manageable level, and quarterly check-ins. I invite you to join me at noon eastern time on my YouTube channel of the same name and my Facebook page of the same name. This show is interactive, so I hope you will send me your questions.

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