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Love+Truth with Robert Althuis

I can’t tell you how often I have felt lost in my life. This was a very long period in my life and I didn’t have anyone to help guide me from the dark times that would come and go throughout my days. I felt completely stuck. I was not awake or aware during this time of my life.

• I would struggle with my businesses.

• It was hard to maintain healthy relationships.

• I kept having health issues.

• I was always in a state of stress or worry.

I was unhappy most of the time and depression would eek in and out of my days. When I had the little wins in my life, I acted like I was elated, but I felt a void or that something was lacking in these wins. Since I know I’m not alone in the way my life used to be, I wanted a guest on Guided Spirit Conversations who can raise the shade and bring insight and light to this state you may be challenged with.

This week’s guest is Robert Althuis. Robert seemed to have it all. He went to an Ivy League school. He was a senior executive at GE, and later a very successful entrepreneur, real estate developer, and founder of an investment firm. Yet, something was missing. He would get what I call a ‘tap on the shoulder from spirit,’ but he didn’t listen until his life fell apart. His marriage failed as did his business. His life was in crisis. This, as Robert calls it, “fall from grace,” forced him to go within and to dig deep, which ultimately led him to a whole new level of success, abundance, health, and happiness

Join me as Robert Althuis and I break it down for you. We will talk about his journey and his steps to this new and improved life of his, and share steps on how you can begin to awaken and create your new life.


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