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Journey of Healing and Spiritual Transformation with Leon Levstik

What is one of the most crucial qualities you seek in a lightworker?

Leon Levstik and Marla Goldberrg coverphoto for podcast on May 25, 2023
Leon Levstik and Marla Goldberrg coverphoto for podcast

For me, it is the presence of a passionate and dedicated healer who wholeheartedly devotes themselves to assisting their clients. Working alongside healers who ardently support their clients in reconnecting with their authentic selves brings me immense joy. When working with my own clients, I strive to provide unwavering support, combining my abilities with compassion and empathy. My passion lies in helping individuals navigate their pain and overcome feelings of stagnation in their chosen lives. Assisting my clients in breaking free from their limitations is just one aspect of guiding them towards embracing self-love.

In this week's episode of the Guided Spirit Conversations Podcast, I have the privilege of hosting a guest who shares a similar philosophy. Leon Levstik, is a powerful lightworker, master of holistic healing, spiritual teacher, medium, and inventor. With his unwavering passion for life, truth, and walking in the 100% Light, Leon has discovered his true purpose on this planet: to support individuals in reconnecting with their authentic selves and finding their deep inner being. He exemplifies passionate and unwavering support for his clients, aiding them in their healing journey through workshops and retreats. Based at the Manas Holistic Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Leon raises awareness and empowers others to embark on their own healing process. During our conversation, Leon will provide valuable insights into the differences between his workshops and others in the field, emphasizing the depth of personal and spiritual progress that can be achieved through long-term commitment. Leon will also share practical tools and techniques to relax, decompress, and quiet the mind, enabling listeners to embark on their own journeys of healing and self-discovery.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to join Leon Levstik and delve into the world of holistic healing, spiritual transformation, and the mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids. Discover how you can elevate your consciousness, align with your soul's purpose, and create a life filled with joy, fulfillment, and miracles. For more information about Leon Levstik, his workshops, retreats, and holistic healing services, visit

Listen in as we explore the significance of expanding one's consciousness and extending a helping hand to those facing challenging times. Not only does this contribute to the betterment of humanity, but it also plays a pivotal role in fostering self-love along your personal journey.

Leon’s passion and joy about life, truth, and walking in the 100% Light made him step into his true purpose on this planet as a powerful light worker, master of holistic healing, spiritual teacher, medium, and inventor. As a carrier of wisdom, love & light Leon will support YOU with all his strength and compassion to reconnect with who you really are and find your deep inner self. He is fulfilling one of his true heart’s desires by guiding people for deep spiritual transformation at the most sacred places on the planet those as Bosnia, Egypt, and India. Leon lives and works at the Manas Holistic Center in Ljubljana/Slovenia and in Visoko/Bosnia next to the Bosnian Pyramids.


Online Workshops (international): Raising Consciousness from 3D to 5D (have to translate text from Slovenian to English in the next few days); transformational retreat to the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids at the end of August (date still to be determined) both on


RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS FROM 3D TO 5D These are very special and unique workshops, even though the title is almost worn out. Unfortunately, there is no other way, from here to there you have to raise awareness and learn a lot. Because no Master will lean on his back and carry us across. We have to do THAT ourselves. That is why I have prepared very special workshops where you will learn just that and much more. The workshops will always be varied, happy, sad, meditative, but above all, hardworking. We will meet twice a month, once live in the Manas Center (Google Maps link), where we will "work" for up to five hours, and once online where we will chat for an hour or two about what interests you. You will ask, I will answer to the best of my ability 💪 This way you will get the best and much more than anywhere else, for the price of one workshop, two events. Raising awareness can mean a lot of things and events. In short, a very broad term.

For me, this means a lot of work on myself, on my patterns both learned and from previous lives, processing and cleaning karma, opening the third eye and perceiving energies, removing blockages, increasing empathy and awareness of one's energies and actions, mastering one's alter ego. At the workshops, we will also meditate and take meditation to a new, higher level. You will help others get through their difficult times and help humanity as a whole to rise to a new higher consciousness. In this process, you will wake up and take responsibility for your actions - past, present & future. And when you are ready, you will teach and enlighten others as I will.

And since we live in very special and stressful times, I created a special "RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS" program for this reason. The "RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS" workshops are not only about the transformation of consciousness or its transformation but also about the evolution of consciousness into a new, higher, more enlightened consciousness. It's not just one or two workshops, it's a long-term commitment to growth, the path of 100% Light & accelerated spiritual and personal progress in these difficult, yet special times.

The program includes one live workshop per month, approximately five hours long, and one online event with questions and answers of your choice. How long you will stick with the program, just a month, months or more, is up to you.

The program contains various packages and payment options. The packages are: standard (1 webinar + live workshop + online seminar videos), above standard (standard package + 4 private therapies/treatments per year – annual subscription required) and VIP (standard package + private therapy/treatment once a month – condition annual subscription). Payment is made by the 20th of the month for the following month.

Because I know that today's times are particularly difficult and that not everyone can do everything, I have prepared different packages of payments and additional services. I think they are very attractive.


Sitting on the top of the oldest, largest and most powerful Pyramid of the Planet

…in a circle of loving people who surround you, as your sound is melting with the sound of the Pyramid and the sound of all beings present. Your heart is expanding as you connect with the core of the Pyramid. Slowly you realize a sacred energy flowing through you from the bottom of the Pyramid up, and up, and further up to the source of everything.

You have the deepest sense that you are connected with this Pyramid in a way that is far beyond your mind. This is the magic of the hidden secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids. If you feel attracted to the Pyramids of Bosnia, they are most probably sending a call to your soul that the time has come to take the next big step in your ascension. Spirit needs you – you make the difference.

Centre yourself even stronger inside your heart portal that is the true connection to who you really are. Renew the reconnection with your genuine nature and feel with gratitude about who you are and what you have achieved in your life. Empower your soul and recognize how powerful your gifts are. Get clear about how YOU will be able to let your Soul live and act through you. Your soul is eager to work through you and longs to create miracles your life.

This retreat is life-changing.Embody your true divine light and allow the next big step in your life. Identify and remove your strongest personal barriers that are not allowing you to live a life beyond your dreams.

Get clear about what’s next in your life and be empowered to do it. Be prepared to have your ‘old you’ be gone.

And there is so much more…

· The breathtaking silence in the healing chambers of the underground tunnels ‘Ravne’

· The deeply nourishing energy of the Pyramid of the Moon

· The all-embracing vibration of the Pyramid of Love

· The mysterious stone spheres

· The live open-air Meditation Sound Concert at the Tumulus

· The call of the Dragon

What inspired you to pursue this calling?

We all have a calling. It’s up to us to have enough responsibility and act upon it.

One inspiring story you can talk to readers about.

About 8 years ago, my wife and I went with our close friends at the time to Bosnia to see Sarajevo and on our way back to see the pyramids. Well, we went into tunnels and when we came out we both were pail as white paint on the wall. We look at each other and said: “You too?” We just nodded. No words, no telepathy. We just knew we have to move here. And we did. Next year we moved for a month, just to test if we like it. This was a week after the devastating floods in Bosnia. The main road was just open for locals and international aid. And here we were in Visoko fulfilling our mission. In September of that year, we moved to Visoko permanently. Rest is history.

Is there a specific story you would like to address and share?

Nature can heal everything! Here is the proof of that statement. There was an older lady that came to us with bone cancer in stage 3 and lifelong leukaemia. This was 12 years ago. After I think 2 years of treatments she replaced both hips and knees and last year I saw her on the massive protests here in Slovenia with her walker protesting with 150.000 others

Do you have a message about the importance of healing that you would like to share with our listeners?

All illnesses, not counting karma and old petters, are caused by stress. Now we know different kinds of stress: mental, emotional, physical, chemical, and radiation stress. Eliminate stress and give your body all the essential building blocks for regeneration and will regenerate itself. To do that, it HAS to start in your mind. But the root of that stress is in our minds in the decisions we make every day.

What is your tip to living a happy and fulfilling life? Whatever you put in your body, it should be natural as much as possible. I am talking about food, fluids and thoughts. Now thoughts are the most poisonous thing you can put into your body/mind. So, talk to others about your problems, and thoughts, and attend workshops to grow in the right way, seek help, talk to your spouse, address your issues, attend retreats (wellness, transformational), take care of your body, be aware that what you say and do to others can hurt them. Threat them as you would like to be treated. Connect to Gaia – ground yourself, and decompress daily.

Thanks for reading "Journey of Healing and Spiritual Transformation with Leon Levstik"

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