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How to be happier in 2023 with Teresa Greco

Do you feel that happiness eludes you?

Do you see people smiling, laughing, and enjoying themselves as go about your day and wonder how these people became so happy, so joyful?

I used to be one of those who felt like I was outside looking in. I wanted what I was seeing these folks had. This week on Guided Spirit Conversations Podcast, my guest is Teresa Greco, a Happiness Life Coach. In addition to her coaching practice, Teresa has a weekly internet show, The Steps To Happiness Show With Teresa Greco. Teresa is also a three-time best-selling author, Reiki Master, and Public Speaker.

Please join Teresa and me as we talk about happiness, what is it, why do so many live so unhappily, and how come happiness seems to evade so many. We will additionally explore the top five steps to happiness, and so much more.

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Teresa Greco is a happiness life coach and the host of a weekly internet TV show called “The Steps to Happiness Show With Teresa Greco.” She’s a 3X bestselling author, educator, and educational technologies consultant with a master’s degree from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is the editor and senior writer at two Canadian lifestyle magazines as well as a writer for international magazines. As a coach and reiki master, she does public speaking, holds workshops, and mentors others about embracing, honoring, loving, and celebrating their true authentic self and achieving their own personal happiness and fulfillment. You can follow Teresa on her website at

The Steps to Happiness Show With Teresa Greco:

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