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How Deep Gratitude Can Change The World with Dr. Kerry Howells

When relationships are broken, we cannot just give up on them, we must use the amazing healing powers of gratitude. Join me as I talk with Dr. Kerry Howells, a thought-leader, author, and award-winning educator. Dr. Kerry and I discuss gratitude and resentment. We dive deep into how gratitude has healed broken relationships in our lives. I was intrigued by Dr. Kerry because we both hold a very important place for gratitude and its healing powers. I invite you to listen in and learn about gratitude in practice.

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Dr. Kerry Howells

As a thought-leader, author, and award-winning educator, Dr. Kerry Howells has spent over 25 years researching, teaching, and practicing gratitude. Working worldwide with school leaders and teachers she has embedded gratitude into all levels of education. Her book, Gratitude in Education: A Radical View has been used globally to guide educational programs, pedagogy, and many professional book clubs. Kerry is passionate about the role of gratitude in helping students to be more ‘awake’ in their learning, and the crucial part that teachers and parents can play in this process. Kerry has recently also worked with coaches and elite athletes to use gratitude to improve performance, as well as with health leaders to integrate gratitude in palliative care settings. Kerry has a particular interest in cross-cultural lenses of gratitude and their implications for communication and has studied this in Australian indigenous and African indigenous cultures.

Charity of choice:

Do you have a message about the importance of healing that you would like to share with our listeners?

Yes, my message is that when our relationships are broken, we often can’t have deep personal healing. Let’s not put these relationships in the “too hard” basket but work on them with the amazing healing powers of gratitude, one relationship at a time

What is your tip to living a happy and fulfilling life?

Making mistakes is very important, as is the gratitude we feel for the learning we have gained.

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