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Finding The Right Spiritual Path with Medium Millie America

Have you been feeling lost and alone?

Back in the day, before I started on my spiritual quest, I felt lost and many times very alone. I really didn’t know about going inward and the benefits you can gain by doing just that. I bounced through life going high and going splat as my life took its up and downs. I believe that many of you know what I’m talking about. You’ve experienced some high points, but then again you hit bottom with your life feeling like it shattered. That’s why I’ve invited Millie America to Guided Spirit Conversations. Millie America is a metaphysical facilitator, intuitive empath, writer, speaker, and cheerleader of love. She refers to herself not as a medium, but as a large (which we’ll learn more about on this Thursday’s Guided Spirit Conversations broadcast). Millie is also an author and her new book Erasable, which is a beautiful tragedy to triumph. During the show, Millie and I will discuss her spiritual journey, past amnesia, her near-death experience, and much more.

For more information about Millie:

Millie America is a metaphysical facilitator, intuitive empath, writer, speaker, and cheerleader of love. People often refer to her as a medium, but she thinks of herself as a large. She is the founder of Sacred Journey Inward, a daily blog where she shares stories of humanity focused on love and growth with her committed and growing number of followers. Her passion is helping others unlock their own stories and spiritual gifts and to discover their authenticity through private intuitive readings and counseling sessions.

The experiences in her life have molded her into the person she is today. She tuned into spirit and had encountered when she was young that were mistaken for mental illness and possession. In her thirties, an accident caused her to have amnesia, and later in life, a severe health crisis caused her to have a near-death experience that opened her up even further into the awareness of other dimensions.

Her background in social work has given her the perspective to lift others up to fulfill their potential and higher purpose. Millie is an Amazon best-selling author for her collaboration in U Empathy You, an anthology and guidebook for empaths. Millie’s new book and story of tragedy to triumph, Erasable, will be released in January of 2023.

Millie is the mother of eight children and lives in the magical mountains of Western North Carolina.

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