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Feeding The Human Spirit With Jessica Byrd

As the year is quickly winding up, I wanted to introduce you to a metaphysician who might be the perfect gift to give to loved ones or friends. Jessica Byrd is a Spiritual Guide, Catalyst, Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Psychic, Channel, and Energy Healer. Her main focus is healing. She guides her clients, intuitively, back to wellness, wholeness, and authenticity.

In this episode, Jessica delves into the fascinating world of Body Coding Sessions, exploring an energy-balancing system designed to pinpoint imbalances causing physical and emotional issues. Learn how the Body Code goes deep into your energetic body, circuits, and systems, addressing emotional wellness, body system rebalance, structural issues, toxin resolution, pathogen resolution, and nutrition and lifestyle.

Throughout the episode, Jessica tackles profound questions about intuition, emotions, exercise as a spiritual practice, healthy eating, boundaries, life purpose, and the true meaning of healing. Gain insights into developing your intuition and understanding the messages your body is sending.

To connect with Jessica and explore the world of G88dvibrations, visit or reach out via email at Follow G88dvibrations on social media: Instagram (@g88dvibrations), YouTube (   / jbyrdtwo  , Patreon (, and Facebook (

Are you ready to embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery? Listen Now! 

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