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Empowering with Energy with Wende Rudnick and Marla Goldberrg

Updated: May 8, 2022

I dive into healing with Wende Rudnick. Wende is the founder of WR reiki energy and has spent the past 8 years developing her mastery as an Energy Intuitive and Reiki Master.

In this show, we will discuss energy and healing. Wende will tell us how she wants everyone to leave their healing sessions feeling empowered with energy and information rather than feeling at the mercy of it. We will explore how releasing stored and stagnant blocks will help you reduce the intensity, frequency, and duration of challenging situations and emotions.

Wende Rudnick, founder of WR reiki energy, has spent the past 8 years developing her mastery as an Energy Intuitive, Reiki Master, Advanced Integrative Energy Therapy (IET) Practitioner, Meditation/ Mindfulness Practitioner, and Oracle Card Reader. She is passionate about helping people have a greater understanding and awareness of their energy body and system so they can address and release negative energy and emotions, rejuvenate, cultivate and create more of the experiences and situations they would like in their lives. As a result of the difference these intuitively guided and healing, empowering methodologies have made in her own life and the lives of her family members – her husband, three teenage/college-aged daughters, and three dogs- Wende is committed to contributing to the overall emotional, mental, physical health and well-being of others in a compassionate, lighthearted, joyful manner- combined with fun and good-natured, self-deprecating humor. In addition to her coursework, she regularly incorporates ideas and practices she has learned from studying with a diverse group of acclaimed teachers and authors related to spirituality, energy healing, meditation/mindfulness, intuition and soul expansion.

Wende’s education includes: -Reiki Levels I, II, III (Master) Certification -Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Integrative Energy Therapy (IET) Certification -Member of the Reiki Membership Association - adhering to a specific code of ethics and values -Member of Animal Reiki Alliance -BS in Communications from ISU -Trained in the Mindful Schools Teacher Curriculum and Meditation/Mindfulness Fundamentals from UW Center for Healthy Minds

Wende can be reached at

Charity: La Casa Norte: Serving youth and families confronting homelessness:

I always try to leave my clients with “tools they can use” that are SEA: Simple, Easy, Accessible, to obtain greater awareness and understanding of their energy body and system, and will demo: Take a BEAT- not a beating!; It only takes a minute to shift and pivot; Shift your Awareness, Pivot to Your Intention. (BEAT stands for Breathe, Exhale, Allow, Trust)

What is your tip to living a happy and fulfilling life? Self reflection/self awareness, gratitude, creative interests and expression, fulfilling relationships: find your own SOUL STAMP (your own unique gifts, talents, abilities) and put it on all that you do!


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