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Embracing Inner Joy: Empowering Women to Live Their Best Lives with Nathalie Botros

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Happiness … what is it?

How come so many people feel that happiness eludes them?

What do we need to do to become happier?

Coverphoto for Embracing Inner Joy: Empowering Women to Live Their Best Lives with Nathalie Botros and Dr. Marla Goldberrg Podcast

I used to wonder about happiness. As a child and through my early adulthood, I thought a lot about what happiness would look like and feel for me. I wondered if there were truly happy people and what their secret was to being so happy. We, as humans, allow so many external things to affect our individual and collective happiness. We, me included, take in other people’s judgments, criticisms, and their mean-spirited comments like it is the oxygen we breathe. We then allow their opinions to imprint our cellular memory, and these imprints unconsciously run our lives. We then choose experiences in our lives that didn’t or don’t serve us well. In my opinion, these individuals were/are the vampires of self-love and happiness. They suck all our good and self-supporting feelings about ourselves out of our hearts via our minds. Because of their limitations, and their own unhappiness, they, whether consciously or unconsciously, want to bring everyone into the same cesspool of self-hate or dislike. Know that we do not have to live without love for ourselves which in turn will bring you to a place of happiness, joy and achievement. This week on Guided Spirit Conversations Nathalie Botros, The Bon Vivant Girl and Happiness Coach will join me to talk about self-love and acceptance, how to achieve it to find your true happiness. Nathalie was recently awarded the “Top Happiness Coach of the Year 2023” In addition, she is the author of “If You Are What You Eat, Should I Eat a Skinny Girl?” She incorporates her training as a psychotherapist into her empowering coaching abilities. Please join Nathalie and me as we talk about happiness and how to achieve it. She and I will give you tips on ways to get you on your happiness track and live a happier more fulfilled life.

For more information about Nathalie:

Nathalie, the Bon-Vivant girl, is a psychotherapist, author, and global life coach empowering women to find happiness and live their best lives. With her multicultural background and unique coaching approach, she helps clients overcome external obstacles and discover inner joy. As the author of "If You Are What You Eat, Should I Eat A Skinny Girl?", Nathalie's expertise has earned her prestigious accolades including the "Top Happiness Coach of the year 2023" by IAOTP and induction into the "Hall of Fame 2023" by Passion Vista Magazine. She has also been recognized as the "Top Coach in New York for 2023" and "The Top Women to Watch in New York" by Soeleish Magazine. Nathalie's mission extends beyond body image, as she guides women to love and accept themselves fully and find happiness regardless of their relationship status. Her impact reverberates globally through her popular Happiness Tips, reaching millions of followers across social media, podcasts, and magazines. Nathalie is a true Happiness Ambassador, spreading smiles and inspiring transformation worldwide.

The Bon-Vivant girl

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Charity: to support victims after the earthquake in Turkey

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