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Dream It Real, Living Our Dreams Now with Abria Joseph

Many of us are striving constantly to be living the Dream, a Dream Life, with a Dream Job and a Dream way of being. The guest this week, Abria Joseph, will help us understand what we need to do to accomplish our dream life. Join me, Marla Goldberrg, as I sit down with Abria and discuss the tools to help discern our truths and the choices we make. I asked Abria Joseph to be on the show because I was interested in hearing more about his manifesting lifestyle. Abria, is an expert in yoga asana and travels the world teaching, practicing, and speaking.

Listen Below:

Abria Joseph

Abria has been in pursuit as many have been about living the Dream, a Dream Life, with a Dream Job and a Dream way of being. His studies and practices within yoga asana are and have always been the foundation of his healing and therapeutic practices. Initially, the discipline and passion for competitive sports led to great triumphs and great injuries alike. While healing and traveling, his interest in breathwork, meditation, and sound healing gave space for the desire to be more focused towards community and collaborations with other great people living their passions. The continuous study of health and wellness at Bastyr University, where he studied Exercise Science and Wellness supported his 20 years of teaching yoga & the study of health & wellness as a lifestyle business now known as Pranaforce Yoga. Currently, he hosts classes, workshops, and Teacher Trainings with his Yoga Alliance school Pranaforce Yoga. The dozens of countries and cities Abria teaches and practices in, are possible because of his great connections and friends that he has met while traveling around the world over the past 15 years. This community-led him to more premier public speaking forums including his TEDx Talks that have been shared in Holland in 2014 and Thailand in 2015.

Pranaforce Yoga

Ted Talks

My tip to living our dreams is to find our highest and most expanded purpose, which is what we wish to support people to find and remember themselves.

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