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Discover Your Intuition with Eloise Fielke

Have you been in a situation where you felt your gut go sour? This week on Guided Spirit Conversations we are going to learn from Eloise Fielke about psychic foundations and ways to develop your psychic abilities. Eloise Fielke is a psychic development teacher, psychic medium, and a kinesiologist. She has a 6month psychic development online group mentorship, that is focused on deepening your intuition, psychic abilities, and connection to spirit. Eloise explains to us that all energetic work is really about getting to know yourself on a deeper level and connecting with who you really are, so it will be a pathway back to the self, to connect with yourself and your intuition on a deeper level. For more information about Eloise:

Eloise Fielke Eloise Fielke is a psychic development teacher, psychic medium, kinesiologist and developing shamanic ceremonialist/practitioner training with the white dragon lineage/shamanic energy training. Eloise works with awakening women who are looking for deeper purpose and meaning in their lives, and those who are ready to open up to their innate psychic gifts and intuition.

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