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Discover Your Inner Brilliance With Beth Lynch And Shelia Applegate

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Guided Spirit Conversations with your host, Dr. Marla Goldberrg. This week, we're taking a slightly different path as Dr. Marla continues her healing journey after a recent fall. Stepping in as guest host is the wonderful Beth Lynch, an Intuitive Consultant, Medium, and founder of Inner Light Teaching. Beth brings her unique insights into the relationship between Spirit and Self, offering profound perspectives on personal growth and understanding.

In this episode, Beth sits down with the remarkable Sheila Applegate, a beacon of wisdom with her gift of intuitive coaching. Sheila's light guides us toward our loftiest aspirations, weaving together the threads of modernity and ancestral wisdom. Together, they explore the hidden forces that shape our lives today, providing practical insights and profound healing.

🎙️ **Episode Highlights:** Join Beth Lynch and Sheila Applegate as they journey through: - The discovery of the "still quiet voice" within individuals. - Over 29 years of transformative experience in intuitive coaching. - The convergence of coaching, guiding, healing, channeling, and teaching. - The art of harmonizing contemporary needs and ancient wisdom. - Navigating love, relationships, and cultural influences. - The ever-evolving role of spirituality in our changing world. Get ready to embark on an illuminating exploration of consciousness, self-discovery, and healing, all under the expert guidance of Sheila Applegate. Don't miss out on the profound insights and practical tools shared in this episode.

🌟 **Connect with Sheila:

** Connect with Beth:

For over 29 years, Sheila Applegate has lent an ear to that elusive voice within. Trusted by leaders across industries, she wields her gift of intuitive coaching to answer our unspoken wishes.

Hailing from upstate New York, Sheila dwells at the crossroads of modernity and ancestral memory. With one foot in contemporary needs and the other in the past's wisdom, she unveils the unseen world that shapes our lives today.

Guiding the wise and triumphant, Sheila illuminates the path to our loftiest dreams, bridging the gap to destiny's outstretched hand. In a world overshadowed by distractions, Sheila stands as the antidote. A healer and seer, her coaching is both mystical and practical, drawing from an unseen order she navigates effortlessly. From divine unions to soulmate connections, her Conscious Coupling approach dispels societal constraints, making true love tangible.

With a knack for life, success, and relationships, Sheila guides those at crossroads. Compassionate yet powerful, she leads all toward their authentic selves, a journey through life's tapestry of possibilities.

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