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Consciousness Creates Everything with Dr.Jim Alvino

This week on the podcast, we have back, Dr. Jim Alvino.

Dr. Jim Alvino is an international business coach, speaker trainer, author, and spiritual entrepreneur.

We will catch up with Dr. Jim and see what he has been working on in the last two years. He will tell us about how "the consciousness creates everything" and we will learn about his brand new program coming out: “The Psychology of Manifestation”.

Dr. Jim Alvino is an international business coach, speaker trainer, author, and spiritual entrepreneur. He founded Monetize Your Niche in 2009 to help entrepreneurs pursue their passion for profit (double entendre intended). A life-long student of personal development, Dr. Alvino has acquired certifications in law of attraction, meditation instruction, quantum activism, and Ho’oponopono – the secret Hawaiian problem-solving system. In 2019 he founded MCRIF LLC to help entrepreneurs and business owners procure private money to grow their business. In 2021 he was appointed a professor of Quantum Economics & Business Coaching for a new university in India (Quantum Activism Vishwalayam) founded by his friend Amit Goswami. His book, “Explorer’s Guide to the Law of Attraction,” has been described as “… [exceptional at] insightfully connecting the dots between law of attraction, science, and spirituality.” Dr. Alvino has a Ph.D. in philosophy (Consciousness Studies) from Boston College.

Email for a complimentary digital copy of his book on Law of Attraction.

You may also pre-register for Dr. Alvino’s brand new online course, “The Psychology of Manifestation,” which is a 12-segment video program to help you understand once and for all how and why Law of Attraction works and be able to successfully implement LOA in your life and business. The program incorporates unique content, exclusive interviews, sacred geometry, the fundamentals of quantum physics and neuroscience, ancient traditions of meditation and problem solving, and more. Want to learn more? Email for a course application.

Charity: The Prasad Project – – improving the quality of life of economically disadvantaged people around the world.

My underlying philosophy and main “message” in my book is that “Consciousness creates everything; we ARE that Consciousness; and we are empowered and responsible to create our world, our life and our destiny."

Do you have a message about the importance of healing that you would like to share with our listeners? – both disease and healing originate from the inside out

What is your tip for living a happy and fulfilling life? – identify and eradicate all false dichotomies

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