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Clarity, Healing and Empowerment with Mila McGowin

I’ve learned the hard way, that when you have the clarity you have removed, the veils that shade or hide situations from your vision. You are able to see things in a crystal-clear manner. When you see things as they are rather than the way you want them to be you are able to take responsibility for your choices. By taking responsibility for your decisions, you can then begin your healing process, which ultimately brings you to a place of being empowered. We, as humans tend to give our power away.

Becoming empowered or stepping into your power brings you to a place of formidability. You become impressive, not from an ego state, but because you know who you are. You put those much-needed boundaries around you so you are no longer feeling like you’re a victim. Instead, you feel like you are the victor of your life. My guest this week on my podcast, Guided Spirit Conversations, is Mila McGowin. Mila has learned much through her own journey and we will be discussing Clarity, Healing, and Empowerment. Be sure to tune in! We are going to focus on the importance of healing ourselves: by accepting, releasing, forgiving, and empowering.

For more information about Mila:

Mila (Spiritual Hypnotist, Healer & Medium) was born in Peru and moved to Florida in 1999. As a young adult, her main dream was to be a mother, which she accomplished. After moving to Florida and working, she pursued her dream of getting her Masters's Degree while working in a position she loved. Mila is a normal woman that has had experiences and knows what happiness and sadness are. However, she has always pulled herself together and used resilience to fight for what she wants and believes. She always knew she was an empath, intuitive, and healer and she has accepted that she felt what the others were feeling. She understood what her mission was through her spiritual guides’ messages. Her guardian angels and spiritual guides support her daily on this journey to fulfill her mission. Through using her empathic and intuitive gifts and with the help of cards, pendulums, runes, or just by listening to your voice, she wants to help you find solutions with clarity and healing and to guide your empowerment. Her Certifications are: Ordained Minister, Board Certified Hypnotist, Usui Reiki Master, Meditation Master, Remote Viewing, Past Life Regression, Sound Vibrational Healing, Chakras Alignment, and Dance of Chakras.

Intuitive Clarity By Mila, LLC.


Clarity & Healing Sessions

Empowerment Sessions

Spiritual Hypnosis

Group Reiki Meditation

Couple Healing Session

Benefits of Hypnosis

With meditation, you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

With spiritual Hypnosis, you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, and you will receive suggestions to make changes in your emotions, thoughts, and behavior, that you decided to do. It is like reprogramming your subconscious mind. You just need to have the intention to receive those suggestions.

What inspired you to pursue this calling?

Keep growing and discovering myself. I am still impressed with what I am doing. I am excited about what is coming.

One inspiring story you can talk to readers about.

For years, I was trying to heal or help others, especially with partners. It took me a while to understand that not everybody wants to heal or change.

My spiritual guides showed me and pushed me to do things that I never thought I could do. Literally, they made me see or do things. I know now, everything was for my good. Suddenly, they kept telling me to start my journey. And, yes my awakening started.

Do you have a message about the importance of healing that you would like to share with our listeners?

We all go through things in life. Once we understand and accept it, it is time to start the healing. Healing is a continuous process, never ends.

What is your tip for living a happy and fulfilling life?

Acceptance, Release, Forgiveness, and Empowerment. Don’t let negativity be with you. Replace that word with positive words. Reprogram your thoughts.

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