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Busting Your Personal Glass Ceiling with ZofiaRennea Morales

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Have you ever had those moments in life where it feels like you've reached your limits?

 ZofiaRennea Morales and Marla Goldberrg Spiritual Podcast
Busting Your Personal Glass Ceiling with ZofiaRennea Morales Coverphoto

It's as if there's an invisible wall at every turn. I've certainly experienced that feeling many times along my own journey. It doesn't stick around for too long, but it does make me pause and reflect on where I'm headed. Along the way, I've encountered both challenging and surprisingly smooth adjustments. This week, on the wonderful Guided Spirit Conversations Podcast, my dear friend Zofia Rennea Morales and I will be diving deep into the topic of self-limiting beliefs and breaking through our personal glass ceilings. Zofia will share her insights on the common fears and obstacles that often stand in our way, and she'll offer practical strategies to overcome them. She'll also guide us on how to cultivate resilience and unwavering perseverance, empowering us to keep pushing forward even when faced with setbacks and failures. I warmly invite you to join us on this exciting episode as we explore the delicate balance between ambition and realistic expectations. Together, we'll uncover a treasure trove of resources, books, and tools that can support you on your personal growth journey. And of course, there will be plenty of scintillating and insightful conversations to uplift and inspire you along the way. So get ready to tap into your true potential and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Award-winning global strategist and former biophysicist, ZofiaRennea Morales, had it all- a hi powered career, a loving husband, gorgeous properties, adventure, good friends, you name it. She was living the dream until her fast-paced life screeched to a halt and left her in pieces. Brought to the edge of death by undiagnosed chronic Lyme Disease, and left bankrupt in every area of her life.

Desperate for a miracle, Zofia cried her most heartfelt prayer "I will do anything to get better". This single prayer triggered an unanticipated kundalini awakening; a spiritual activation that unlocked Zofia’s gifts as an intuitive, healer, and mystic changing her life completely.

ZofiaRennea Morales is now the Host of talk radio program Sovereign Self (Mondays at 3pm Pacific time and the creator of the Conscious Enlyghtment Process, a transformation alchemist and teacher guiding clients to find the gold within their most painful life transitions, helping people from all backgrounds notice how life wraps the best gifts in the shittiest wrapping paper.

Zofia’s scientific and corporate background appeals clients who appreciate the way she integrates a pragmatic woo and real life into her work. Seasoned with love and laughter, Zofia guides her clients through their own spiritual crises and onto their paths of passion and purpose with warmth, joy, tenderness and play.

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