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Beyond Solving Problems - Dissolve the ILLUSION of Problems with Brian D. Ridgway

From my experience, self-love encompasses various techniques and levels and in order to achieve self-love you need to put your efforts into a variety of techniques. Without taking action to help yourself, you are unable to achieve the different levels of healing that are part of mastering this experience.

This week on Guided Spirit Conversations my guest is Brian D. Ridgway. Brian is known as “The Spellbreaker”. He’s an International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Mentor to mentors. Like many of us, Brian had an abusive childhood, which lead to, in his words, “a disastrous life”. Also, like many of us, he dove into the self-help cycle, participating in program after program, without success…. Until he spent a lot of money and thousands of hours in his quest for a life that “worked” It is based on his experiences that he is now known as “The Spellbreaker”, helping his clients go beyond solving problems to dissolving them from their body, mind, and soul.

Brian and I will discuss liberation above transformation, Spellbreaking, 5 levels of transformation, and much much more.

Brian D. Ridgway is known as "The Spellbreaker". #1 International bestselling author, speaker, and mentor to mentors, Brian helps people to go beyond solving problems to dissolving the illusion of problems. His unique approach to transformation, "Spellbreaking" helps people to dissolve any and all life challenges from their body, mind, emotions, and their world, creating fast effortless, and lasting liberation.

Do you have a message about the importance of healing that you would like to share with our listeners?

You are the creator of your universe. Heal You and the Universe is Healed.

What is your tip for living a happy and fulfilling life?

Choose to master being in Presence.

Level 5 Mentoring

Brian's Charity of Choice:

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