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Awakening the Feminine: Healing and Empowerment with Luzclara Camus

When I think of what I used to believe was ‘feminine’, I laugh.

Luzclara Camus and Dr. Marla Goldberrg Podcast Cover Photo for Guided Spirit Conversations

Back in the day when I read an article or heard of people talking about the feminine, I thought about the demur woman who dressed in soft or provocative clothing, with that shy glance, high heels, and make-up; who was strong but knew who to act a bit helpless to make her man feel more powerful.

Today when I think of the feminine, I think about feminine energy, goddess energy, and the energetic power that energy bestows on us. I consider how our feminine self has been wounded, repressed, abused, and ignored. I then examine how all of us, men and women, need to heal our feminine, for our feminine is part of the energy balance between the male and female energies we all have. When our energies are balanced, or more in balance, we regain health and vitality that we may not have even realized were missing or wounded. When I read about this week’s guest on Guided Spirit Conversations, I knew that she would be able to share how she has helped thousands in her forty-year career and felt her knowledge would be beneficial to all who listen to her. Luzclara Clamus is an Andean Medicine Woman, Pachamamistica, Chakaruna ( a bridge woman who combines ancestral and modern methods ), a Global Leader, and a pioneer in healing and the empowerment of the feminine. She is also a lecturer and sound therapist. Luzclara formed the first Circle of the Goddess in Chile, during a military dictatorship. Since that time, she has helped thousands of women awaken to their feminine power. Please join Luzclara Camus and me as we talk about her journey and how she helps heal and empower so many women to awaken.

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Luzclara, great-grandmother, Andean Medicine Woman, Pachamamística, global leader and pioneer in the healing and empowerment of the feminine. Lecturer and sound therapist. She is a "Chakaruna", a bridge woman who combines ancestral and modern methods in her therapies and rituals.

She was born in Chile and has traveled for more than 40 years, taking her medicine to different parts of the world. Her work has mainly consisted of the healing and empowerment of the feminine and she formed the first Circle of the Goddess in Chile in 1986 under military dictatorship. Since then, she has prepared thousands of women to form circles in many countries and taught the rites and healing with the lunar blood.

At the age of 75, she received an urgent call from her heart to go on a mission to live in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru where she spent 5 years immersing herself in the Andean culture.

Luzclara Camus Photo

Her medicine is extensive. She has had teachers in many arts and has been initiated into the tradition of the Qéro nation, the last survivors of the Incas. She also received the knowledge of her Machi Antonia Lincolaf from the Mapuche Nation, she was apprenticed by her first indigenous teacher Sun Bear, Chippewa from the Northern Nation and lived with a Quichua ayahuasquero teacher, Casimiro Mamallacta from the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Today, as an 82-year-old great-grandmother, she has woven her own medicine that is expressed according to the needs of each person and group in full awareness of her ancestral and heavenly guidance.

She published her first book, "El Rezo mi Vida", in October 2017, where she exposed her soul and her healing process to inspire other women to live from the heart. Her life is the joy of serving the Great Goddess, Pachamama, and Mother Earth by organizing events and world prayers in her honor.

She lives in Chile at the feet of the Andes mountains.

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