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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression


What is Past Life Regression?


Past Life Regression (PLR) is a safe, powerful and intuitive technique that assists in your healing process by taking you back to an incarnation that are buried in your subconscious mind.


We are spiritual beings having human experiences.  Our soul stays with us throughout all our incarnations, with the exception of walk-in souls, (which is a different conversation).  Because our soul is the guiding force of all our incarnations, we have the ability to tap into it, learning about various experiences, how those experiences affected us, and the lessons we learned and healed from.


Through some of our incarnations, we were unable to heal from the trauma of those unhealed experiences.  Through PLR, we are able to access the memories stored from those lifetimes and see how those unhealed experiences are affecting our current lives.



When experiencing a Past Life Regression session, you will learn, and understand how experiences in those past incarnations have an effect on your present life circumstances.  Through this process, you will heal the past life issues which will, in turn, heal those issues that are currently affecting your life today.

Past Life Regression can help you with:


  • Understanding why you feel connections with people and places

  • Identify issues that are affecting you in your current life circumstances.

  • Explore emotions that are unresolved and carried into this lifetime, creating negative and/or fear-based beliefs that have no basis in this life.

  • Learning about the lessons that you experienced in those past lives.

Image by Vincent Ledvina

How Does Past Life Regression work?


In your Past Life Regression session, Marla will bring you into a light trance state.  In this state, she will gently guide you into an exploration of a previous life which is having an influence on your current life circumstances.  Through this process, you will be able to witness,  process, integrate and heal the past and current lifetime, helping you to gain knowledge and understanding of yourself and your evolving consciousness. You will begin to understand your patterns of your consciousness and how they bleed into your current life’s events, allowing you to see things from a new perspective, which will allow you to make different choices moving forward.


Benefits of Past Life Regression


By revisiting past incarnations and witnessing a lifetime that has imprinted your soul with negative, limiting and/or fear-based programing, you be guided through a healing process of those issues from that lifetime.  Upon your coming back from your trance, and as your days progress you will find that the issue/s brought up from your past life into this one will have a dramatic change, leaving you feeling elated and happy as you move forward in your current life.  Many people have said that the issue/s that was healed was no loner problematic.

Past Life Regression Rates: 

1 session                               $150.00

3 session package               $ 400.00

5 session package               $ 700.00

Past life regression
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