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Making Miracles Happen

There are many thoughts and philosophies regarding affective ways to set intentions for you to be able to manifest what you want to bring to yourself. I am gifting you with five tips to setting intentions to manifest what you want.


When you are ready to try the suggestions in this gift, please remember to ground yourself and have your mindset at neutral.  When you’re done with setting your intentions, don’t think about them.  This is one of the most important aspects to intention setting.  Another important thing to keep in mind, is to not judge or criticize what you set the intention for.  If you should think or reread what you want to bring to yourself and your ego voice says something like, “fat chance”, you have just shut down your connection.


Here are five intention setting tips that I use when I want to bring something into my life. When you state what you want to intend, do in as if it’s happened, i.e.  Don’t say,” please bring to me” …, make your statement in the present, “Thank you for bringing to me the new job”

I believe you will find them as powerful as I do.


In addition to the Intention Setting Tips, I am also gifting you one of the meditations from my 30 Day Meditation Challenge.  This meditation is called “Messages From Your Guides”


I hope you enjoy both gifts.


Love, Blessings and Gratitude,

Marla Goldberrg

Intention Setting for Manifesting

1.  Think about the areas of your life that you want to let go of, something that doesn’t serve you any longer, create something new, or shift something in your life to make it better:  What would you like to create, or nurture in your life?  What would you like to let go of?  What makes you feel your happiest? What do you dream about?


2.  Write down what your intentions are in a notebook or your own intention book.  Write your intentions in the present tense. Such as; Thank you for bringing me to me the …. or I am grateful for bringing to me …


3.  Once your intentions are set, look at what you want to manifest with a knowing that you are able to create what you’ve intended into your life.  **This is an important step, as you need to feel in your heart of hearts that what you’ve put down is achievable.  If you look at it with doubt or any degree of not believing or negativity you will stop the flow to the Universe.


4.  Now put your intentions away, detaching from the outcome.  Don’t obsess over what will it come or when will it come.  Put it away and focus on what is transpiring for you.  Don’t be so locked into something exact.  The Universe may bring it to you in a different way, or may bring something better to you. For example, you intend to get a small part in a production, but instead, an opportunity for you to be the stars stand in is presented.  Do you turn it down because it’s not the part you “wanted” or take the role of stand-in as the star may need to take off for an unexpected reason and you are the star for fewer productions, but you are the star?  Which looks better on a resume?


5.  Let Go and Let God.  This is when you let go of any expectations of time limits on the manifesting. This is the time when you allow for the Universe to works its magic, have trust and faith that you will receive what’s in your highest best for your highest good.

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