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Global Consciousness Development Circle - GCDC

is an online educational platform launching soon. 

Below is a welcome video! 

Through the GCDC we will offer our members and non-members access to educational courses that will encompass; leadership, spirituality, mysticism, healthy living, and empowerment.  In addition we offer live and pre-recorded meditations, blogs and vlogs, movies and special events for our community to participate in.  Our site will offer access to both paid and free offerings.  We also offer membership participation which will benefit the member with discounts to any video or class that is charging a fee. 

The founders of GCDC are Best Selling Author, Speaker, Spiritual Coach and Host of Guided Spirit Conversations with Marla Goldberrg Podcast, Marla Goldberrg, and Internationally known Healer, Spiritual Coach, and author, Mike Cavalli.

Marla and Mike teamed up in 2019 to produce the Global Consciousness Summit launched in 2020.  While working together on this highly received event, the were guided to start an online educational platform, that also helps motivate, and inspire their clients and followers to learn to heal and to live in their power.


GCDC is about to launch!

Enter for a chance to win

Help the newest online platform for spiritual and personal growth get started! Over the next few weeks, the GCDC will be raffling off: spiritual books, sessions, and products!

If you have any questions, please email:

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