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The Purple Book for Trusted
Metaphysicians and More


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The Purple Book for Trusted Metaphysicians and More

Welcome to The Purple Book for Trusted Metaphysicians and More!


I created this directory specifically with you in mind.


If you’re anything like I used to be, I would search the internet for practitioners for my various needs.  Some that I found were amazing, but many weren’t as good at their craft as was advertised. 


Out of my frustration was born an idea . . . I know hundreds of incredible Metaphysicians and other professionals, many of whom you may not even know are out there; why not create a place to highlight these brilliant healers and service providers to make it easy for you to find them?


All of the professionals in The Purple Book have been selected based on my experiences with them on my podcast Guided Spirit Conversations with Marla Goldberrg and through professional exchanges.  These are people whom I trust because I know their level of ability and the integrity they bring to their work.  These are people I look to when I’m in need of a healing or clarity in my life.


I hope you will come back when it launches next year and take the time to peruse this amazing resource.

Be sure to drop me a note to let me know about your experience with one of these professionals.

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