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Doing the work to heal your wounds is one of the most courageous acts a human can undertake.
- Dr. Marla Goldberrg

Ask Yourself

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Have you found yourself feeling blocked or unable to feel trajectory in your life?

Does the prospect of the unknown bring a feeling of fear or dread to you?

Have you ever felt that if you could heal your past your present would be happier, lighter, and more joyful?

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“The process of healing does not end when the wounds
 are no longer visible, it ends when the wounds no longer ache."
- Muskau Shawa

Imagine a Life Like This

Looking Up

      Life would be lighter for you.

     You have experienced a new or renewed flow in your life.

     You have experienced the changes in your life that you desire.

     You feel better all around.

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Throughout my life, I had always held a different belief, and that belief was that if I was perfect then my life wouldn’t be so painful.  The more I strove for this false perception of perfection, the more painful my life became.  I had to endure obstacle after obstacle as I strived to obtain that persona of the “perfect person”.  Little did I know that all of my perfections were held in my perception of all of my imperfections.

By working to heal my wounds, and learning to accept and love myself, I became able to help more and more people.  Today my “fire of desire” is to help as many as I can to release repressed emotions, learn to forgive, learn to accept themselves (warts, wrinkles, and all), and ultimately discover self-love.

Working With Me Is Easy

Step 1

Identify your current challenges and need for support.

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Step 2

Together we create a plan for moving forward.

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Step 3

Feel lighter and more joyful as your life transforms.

What People Are Saying

Barb, AZ

I was stuck in a terrible place. I have been following Marla through her podcast, Guided Spirit Conversations for a while now and finally decided to take the leap and invest back into myself. I do not regret it at all. Marla is so kind and caring. We met on zoom and she did a clearing on me. After a few sessions, I wasn't in that terrible play anymore and felt real progress in my life. 

Marla has done some amazing work for me! The most powerful was clearing out the negative energy in my apartment. Before she cleared it I felt depressed and negative. After the clearing, I felt light and positive! The bad energy was gone and I was able to relax!

Kristin, NE

Thank you Marla for helping me in my healing process. A great deal of stress has melted away from my consciousness. Your healing work is powerful and life-changing. I would highly recommend Marla to anyone on the path of self-awareness. I have no doubts that I will be contacting you for more guidance!

Sarah, IL

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