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Marla is a Doctor of Metaphysics and Healing, Intuitive, Speaker, Teacher, International Best Selling Author, Host of Guided Spirit Conversations podcast, and Ordained Non-Denominational Minister.

Her mission and purpose in life is to inspire, motivate and educate her clients and all whom she connects with through her books, client sessions, classes, speaking engagements, and podcast.  Marla uses her many tools, techniques, and insights to help all who employ her services to enhance and/or shift their life circumstances so that they can live the life that they’re divinely meant to live.

Marla began her spiritual journey during a very difficult time in her life when she was forced to evaluate her choices and the direction her life was taking.

During this time of evaluation, she serendipitously met her first teacher at a women’s conference.  As Marla sat through her presentation, she resonated with everything that this person said. By the time her talk was completed Marla knew that she would be attending her school.

During her three years of attendance at Inner Focus Mystery School, she was trained in 14 different healing techniques.  Following her graduation from Inner Focus, she continued her education by continuing to learn additional techniques.  To date, Marla has been trained in over 40 healing modalities.

In addition to her practice with clients, Marla is a contributing author in 3 best-selling books, one becoming an International best seller.  She has also authored her first solo writing endeavor: My F*cking Long Journey to Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path which also became a best-selling book. Marla is also the creator and host of, Guided Spirit Conversations with Dr. Marla Goldberrg Podcast.

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